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Relationships make all the difference. Our goal is to provide our clients with what they need, when they need it. Westland Resources is a small firm with big connections. We have formed alliances with high-quality organizations that provide us with specialized services in mapping and GIS, ecology & biology, and archaeology (among others), ensuring that our clients receive timely and professional products and results.

Our team

We provide value. You need work done and you need it done well. Our staff understands that too – that’s why we hire them. We’re proud of their commitment and ability to deliver. Our people have expertise in project and team management,  environment, the technical needs of industry and development sector clients, and the specific needs of government and First Nations.

We also enjoy our work; even the Principals of Westland Resources stay “hands-on”:

trevorTrevor Jobb, RFT, principal, has extensive operational experience with resource industries, road construction and fire suppression activities throughout the interior and northwest of BC since 1980.  Trevor’s expertise spans project assessment, planning and management:

  • Assessment, valuation, operational planning and supervision for resource extraction (e.g. site planning, road & bridge construction and maintenance, forest harvesting activities)
  • Program and project management
  • Contract negotiation and implementation
  • Safety program development & incident response

rickRick Brouwer, RPF, principal, has a depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of resource management operations and administration throughout coastal and northern BC.  Rick specializes in strategic planning, analysis and policy advice:

  • Policy development and strategic analysis and advice
  • Landscape-level analyses
  • Program development, management and supervision
  • Strategic and operational planning, including forest stewardship plans
  • Timber reconnaissance, valuation, and development
  • Tenure and permit acquisition, administration and tracking
  • Organizational development: facilitation, visioning, funding applications.

Eric McCormick, RFT, principal, has worked throughout coastal and northern BC in the natural resource industry.  A skilled planner and leader, Eric has frequently led crews & projects in remote environments, ensuring projects proceed efficiently, remaining on-schedule and on-budget.  Eric specializes in:

  •  Managing multiphase timber development as a Senior Forestry Engineer and Senior Timber Cruiser
  • Contractor and project oversight
  • Permit preparations and tracking
  • Timber valuation and log market analyses
  • Managing log inventories and preparing shipments