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Recent projects

The following are examples of projects that Westland Resources has been involved with over the past decade (or so):

  • Resource coordination, procurement and planning for the Pacific Trail Pipelines Project (Kitselas First Nation portion) (2012-2013): Kitselas Forest Products Ltd., Pacific Trail Pipelines Management Inc.
  • Operations coordination of resources and implementation of planned works for the Northwest Transmission Line from Skeena Substation to the Skeena River (2011-2013): Kitselas Forest Products Ltd.
  • Planning and operational/safety supervision of commercial thinning project (2011-2013): Kalum Ventures Ltd.
  • Forest Tenure acquisition and operational implementation for the road and initial clearing of the Skeena Industrial Park (2010): City of Terrace
  • Timber Reconnaissance and Valuations (2004-2015): Multiple clients, including valuations as an expert witness; in support of Treaty negotiations; and for individual and corporate land owners.
  • Forest tenure administration and management (2001-2015): for multiple Forest Tenures, and including Forest Stewardship Plan preparation and application; layout supervision; Cutting Permit and Road Permit preparation and submission; Site Plan preparation and signature; annual reporting.
  • Log flow and road budgeting (2005-2015): multiple Forest Licensees.
  • Operational supervision, management and inspections (2005-2015): multiple Forest Licensees.
  • Log Market and Marketing assessment and advice (2005-2015): multiple Forest Licensees.
  • Silviculture program supervision and implementation (2007-2015): Kalum Ventures Ltd
  • Natural resource advisory services related to Treaty negotiations (2009-2013): Kitsumkalum First Nation, Kitselas First Nation
  • Economic Development Initiative assessment and advice (2006-2014): Kalum Ventures Ltd
  • Training and mentoring of First Nations resource personnel (2006-2013): Kalum Ventures Ltd; Coast Tsimshian Resources LP; Haisla Resources LP
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans (2008-2013): Regional District of Kitimat Stikine, City of Terrace, several First Nation communities
  • Strategic Plan facilitation and preparation (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013): Corporate clients and a Non-profit Society
  • Burn plan preparation and implementation (2004-06, 2010, 2012): multiple Forest Licensees.
  • Patch and Seral Stage Analyses for the Kalum Forest District (2005-2012) and North Coast Forest District (2007-2010): Forest Investment Account
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (2009-2012): A&A Trading Ltd; Kalum Ventures Ltd; Kitselas Forest Products Ltd
  • Moose Winter Range Assessments (2008-2011): A&A Trading Ltd; Kalum Ventures Ltd; Kitselas Forest Products Ltd
  • Bridge Design, and Bridge Construction Supervision (2010, 2011): A&A Trading Ltd; Kalum Ventures Ltd; Terrace Community Forest
  • Delivered Log Cost assessments (2009, 2010): BC Ministry of Forests and Range; Gitxsan Forest Enterprises Inc, Northwest BC Forest Coalition
  • Application for, and implementation of, employment bridging plans with a combined value in excess of $2,600,000 (2008, 2009, 2010): City of Terrace, Terrace Community Forest, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine
  • Road, bridge and access infrastructure maintenance and upgrades – project management and supervision (2009-2010): BC Ministry of Forests & Range; BC Hydro
  • Environmental Assessment, Application, and Operational Implementation, Gyiik Subdivision (2009): Kitsumkalum Indian Band
  • Gap Analysis – Coastal Land Use Objectives and BC Timber Sales plan areas. (2008). BC Timber Sales
  • Terrain Stability Field Assessments (2006, 2008): Kalum Ventures Ltd
  • Forest Health Strategy for the Kalum Forest District (2003, 2007): BC Ministry of Forests and the Forest Investment Account
  • Evaluation and submission of a potential replacement for an old-growth management area between St Croix and Legate Creeks (2006): Kitselas Forest Products Ltd
  • Access management planning and site supervision on Nisga’a Lands (2005 – 2008): BC Ministry of Forests and Range (recipient of a gold Premier’s Award)
  • Project Coordinator – North West Fibre Utilisation Strategy (2005); North West Loggers Association
  • Management Plan 10 (2003); New Skeena Forest Products Inc.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; development and implementation, including internal audits and staff and crew training: Skeena Cellulose Inc. (1999-2001).