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Future Forest Products and Supply Streams of Northwest BC

This report is dedicated to the people of Northwest BC, who have long known and understood the physical, cultural and economic value of the local forests and forest lands.  It is our hope that this report will move us towards a sustainable forest economy that supports robust, resilient, and diverse communities.

Northwest BC has faced its fair share of challenges economically, and has often been dominated by various boom and bust industries that come and go and ultimately leave the communities struggling to keep up with the changes. Exemplary communities have shown that economic stability comes from a diverse and local economic workforce. Local businesses provide a stable and successful economy in ways that introduced large-scale projects cannot. Fortunately, northwest BC is a region with vast natural resources, and opportunities are plentiful. The challenge is find suitable and sustainable options for local industry and business. Innovation and research is needed to find the right businesses for the area.

This project intends to be a step in that direction. Specifically, we focus on economic innovation and opportunity in the forest industry, due to the expanse of forest lands and their high potential for the region. A proactive focus was placed on second growth forests to provide greater understanding of the potential opportunities as the working forest transitions from old-growth.

This report is but one step in the right direction for building a more stable economy within Northwest BC, but it is a significant one.  We hope that this report will provide many avenues of insight for potential investors in Northwest BC, and be used by existing business owners and local industries to better tailor their products and services to in recognition of northwest BC’s forest assets.

We intend for this report to be broadly and publicly available, to be used by any who have need for it or desire assistance in their business planning.  Businesses and companies are welcome to host these documents on their own platforms or distribute them in their own ways to further the availability of these resources. Finally, we hope that this report will spur change and motivate further innovation that promotes improved stability for the region’s economy.  With a healthy foundation of innovative groups and people, Northwest BC will have the chance to reach its unique economic potential, resulting in robust, resilient, and diverse communities.

Final Report and Appendices:

Future Forest Products and Supply Streams – Report

Future Forest Products and Supply Streams – Appendices

Supporting Documents:

Future Forest Products Analysis Spreadsheet – Dynamic/Editable

Delivered Log Costs Model – Dynamic/Editable